Part III: Did You Make the Connection?

Time for a pop quiz!

You remember those, don’t you?

When your teacher would surprise you with a quiz that you were in no way prepared for? If you had any control-freak, perfectionist qualities, you dreaded those pop quizzes!

Well, in honor of the upcoming  teleclass, “The 20-Second Connection: How to Create Conversation, Curiosity and Connection Every Time You Answer the Question, “What Do YOU Do?” I’ve got a pop quiz for you. Don’t groan!  It’s for your own good!

If you’ve been paying attention in class, you know that we’ve been talking about how to create conversation, curiosity and connection any time you answer the question, “What do YOU do?” And if you’ve been following along with rapt attention, you might have tried creating an answer to that question that does, in fact, grab people’s interest and communicates the essence of what you provide.

Well, let’s just see!

Write down what you usually say when someone asks you the question, “What do you do?”

Now, ask yourself these questions as you consider your answer:

1.    Is it brief and specific?

2.    Is it believable?

3.    Is it true?

4.    Is it in plain language (no industry-speak)

5.    Is it fluid? Can it be easily adapted to fit any of my ideal clients?

6.    Does it offer a clear solution to my (ideal) client’s problems, needs and desires?

7.    Does it pass the “So What?” test?

8.    Does it differentiate you from others who offer similar services?

9.    Does it create curiosity and conversation? Does it inspire people to ask “Wow, how do you do that?”

The best way to “test” you answer is to try it out on friends and colleagues whom you trust to give you honest feedback. Does it spark their interest? Do they find it believable?

One thing about creating a “believable” answer. If you fully believe it, it will be believable. If you’ve created an amazing answer but you don’t really believe that it’s true, change it until you feel as if you can stand behind your answer 100%.

One thing we work with in “The 20-Second Connection” teleclass is creating an answer that not only creates conversation and curiosity but one that allows you to feel completely connected to your passion and purpose in the work that you do. When you speak your answer, does it allow you to feel the love and enthusiasm you have for the work you do? It’s just got to. Otherwise, the words may sound good, but they will be empty and impotent.

Be sure to refer back to the previous articles I’ve written on creating your perfect answer to the question, “What do YOU do?”

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If you want help creating your perfect answer to the question, “What do YOU do?” one that can pass this pop quiz with flying colors, join me on August 1 for “The 20-Second Connection” teleclass.

2 replies
  1. Tuck (The Rebel Belle)
    Tuck (The Rebel Belle) says:

    Hey Nancy..thanks so much for visiting my new blog!! I’ve been are my 1st two responses:
    “I inspire boomer women to own and trust the power of who they are and embrace freedom of self expression with purpose, passion and play!” and “I inspire boomer women to break out of the box and rock!” What do ya think?

  2. Nancy Tierney
    Nancy Tierney says:

    Ooo! I like them both.
    My suggestion would be to put more of the benefit in that statement. What do these “get” by breaking out of the box and rocking? What’s going to happen when they start to trust the power of who they are?

    Do you know what I’m saying?

    Your statements ARE inspiring, but they are still a little focused on the process rather than the result. Just a little.

    You’re almost there! Keep going!


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