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Transform your experience of speaking or performing from one of dread and anxiety to one of confidence, ease and fun.

The “Become the Star You Are” TeleClinic

a free monthly TeleClinic
Do you have a question or two about how to speak or perform with confidence, ease and your own kind of creative charisma? Well, come to this monthly TeleClinic and get your questions answered!

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“Engage Your Audience:
How to Create an Authentic Connection in All Your Communications”

$22 US

This CD gives you “The Three Be’s”, three powerful tools that will allow you to immediately be more effective, engaging and at ease in all your personal and professional communications. Listen in the car on the way to work and let the magic begin! Enjoy making a delicious, satisfying connection with your audience, whether it’s an audience of one or one thousand.

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“Gimme Confidence Quick!
A Crash Course in Speaking with Confidence, Clarity and Ease In Any Situation

A Six-Week TeleClass


In 6 weeks, you can be feeling super-confident any time you open your mouth to speak in any situation. Need to ask your boss for a raise? Want to feel comfortable and at ease on a first date? Want to give that business presentation with confidence and charisma? Sign up for “Gimme Confidence, Quick!” TeleClass and you will receive Power Tools and Techniques that will have you feeling fearless fast! This is going to be fun!

Dates: Starts March 1, 2007.

“The 20-Second Connection:
How to Create Conversation, Curiosity and Connection Every Time You Answer the Question, “What Do YOU Do?”

How do you answer when someone asks you, “What do you do?”
Would you like to answer with confidence and enthusiasm?
Would you like to give an answer that elicits endless questions and insatiable interest on the part of your listener? Sure you would!

And I know you would like to walk away from that conversation knowing that you made a great connection with whomever you were speaking.

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“Scaredy-Cat No More!
Speaking With Confidence”

One-day Live Workshop


After this live one-day workshop, you will have the Power Tools, experience and support you need to start skipping down the path complete confidence, ease and authenticity whenever you are expressing yourself. Limited to twelve people.

Dates: TBA

“Speak Out and Show Off with Unconditional Confidence”

A Six Week TeleClass


In six weeks or less, you can feel completely confident and have the time of your life every time you speak, perform or express yourself in any way. This 6-week TeleClass gives you the Basic Power Tools and Processes that will allow you to discover your own unique way of feeling fearless and free any time you are expressing yourself in any way. Includes the Unconditional Confidence Guidebook and CD’s, loads of personal support and professional coaching plus unlimited email/phone support.

Dates: TBA

Unconditional Confidence: Bone-Deep
An Advanced Six-Week TeleClass


In this TeleClass you move beyond the basics into knowing, in your bones, your own unconditional confidence, creative freedom and magnetic power. Includes weekly training sessions, the Bone-Deep Confidence Guidebook and CD’s, and loads of personal support and professional coaching plus unlimited email/phone support. This class is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals relative to your self-confidence in all areas of your life.

Dates: TBA

Private Coaching

All of the above programs are offered on a one-on-one coaching basis for those of you who don’t have a schedule that allows you to be a part of an ongoing class. If you are interested in receiving one-on-one coaching, please contact me at nancy [at]

***All group trainings are offered on-site for groups of six or more. To find out more about on-site trainings, contact Nancy at nancy [at]

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