Who’s In Charge Here?

Laughing Nancy TierneyMy name is Nancy Tierney. I’m a professional singer and a confidence coach who teaches people how to have complete confidence, creative freedom and tons of fun any time they are speaking or performing in public. Why am I qualified to help you become unconditionally confident?

Because the proof is in the pudding, and baby, I’m the pudding.

Let me explain: Years ago, I suffered from the most debilitating form of stage fright. Whenever I sang in public, my entire mouth would dry out so badly I couldn’t swallow, much less sing. Have you ever tried to sing when there isn’t one drop of saliva in your mouth? It’s not fun.

Every performance was difficult and depressing. Even though I loved to sing, this intense physical anxiety crippled my ability to perform and murdered any pleasure or satisfaction I might have felt in expressing myself through music.

As a somatic therapist and as an artist, I knew that there had to be a way to break free from this curse of stage fright. I told myself that either I would find a way to perform with ease and joy or I was going to give it up!

For over five years, I researched, trained and experimented with many methods offered by experts. I read books on eliminating stage fright and becoming fearless. I threw myself into the fire of experience. I discovered what worked, what didn’t and what just made things worse! I separated the superficial, flimsy, get-confident-quick schemes from the techniques and practices that really worked.

And I started feeling much more comfortable on stage. But I wasn’t really enjoying myself all that much. I just enjoyed getting through each performance unscathed.

Finally, in the year 2002, I discovered a simple yet life-changing process that made all the difference in the world. This powerful piece of the puzzle liberated me from all feelings of fear, anxiety and stage fright and gave me the joy and pleasure of being able to have the time of my life everytime I was in front of an audience.

Which reminds me, you can check out my singing site here.

This new level of confidence and freedom translated to every area of my life. Sure, there are times when I feel uncertain, times when I have attacks of self-doubt. But now I know what to do now. I know how to come back home to myself in a way that allows me to feel completely confident, powerfully present and fully alive.

Out of this experience and all that I learned along the way, I created the Unconditional Confidence program. I know without a doubt that this is one of the most powerful, transformational programs available for helping you become completely confident, authentic and free anytime you are speaking, performing or expressing yourself in any way.

My passion and primary purpose is to liberate people like you from the fear and anxiety that holds you back from becoming the star that you are and to give you the tools, experience and support you need to live a fully-expressed, magnificent life of outrageous freedom and joy. And to have a ton of fun all along the way!

— Nancy Tierney