Fun Stuff

Public Speaking Resources

Speaking Circles International
I incorporate several of the Speaking Circle principles in my own program because they are so good!

Toastmasters International
Now, I don’t go to Toastmasters because I don’t like their “rating” system, and I don’t recommend it for people who are scared stiff of speaking in public. But if you’re just a little nervous and you want to hone your skills, you might really like joining a local Toastmasters group.

National Speakers Association
When you’re ready to become a professional speaker.


Confidence & Fearlessness

Fearless Living
Rhonda digs right in to the heart of fear in the beginning chapters of this book. She knows what she’s talking about. This book gets a little thick and sticky when she starts talking about the “how” of it all, the Wheel of Fear and the Wheel of Freedom, but the essence of this book is right on.

Public Speaking/Performing

Be Heard Now
This is where you start. Lee Glickstein’s book is a must read for anyone who wants to speak or perform with ease and authenticity.

The Likeability Factor
What does this book have to do with public speaking and performing?
A lot! I squirmed at the underlying premise that you need to be liked to be successful and happy, but the four main traits that Saunders talks about — friendliness, relevance, empathy and “realness” can be directly applied to public speaking or performing.

The Law of Attraction

Ask and It Is Given
Abraham is the authority when it comes to the Law of Attraction, in my opinion. But this material can be very rich and intense to read. You might want to start by listening to a recording of one of their workshops at Abraham-Hicks.

The Law of Attraction
Michael’s approach to the Law of Attraction is simple, straightforward and easy to understand and apply. A small but marvelous book.

The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity
Eva rocks! She has a fresh and lively approach to living the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation.

The Attractor Factor

While none of this information was new to me, I liked the way that Joe Vitale makes the Law of Attraction so accessible and easy for anybody to understand. His enthusiasm is uplifting and fun, and he has some amazing personal stories in this book.

Websites, Blogs & E-zines With Great Speaking Information

Tom Antion’s Great Speaking Site
Tom is a kick! Besides being a funny guy, he has been teaching speakers how to be great speakers for years!

River Ways
Carla has a great e-zine newsletter and be sure to sign up for her “ABC’s of Presence in Public Speaking” (

Public Speaking for All
While I don’t agree with everything Eric says, he says it so well that I almost don’t care! This blog has a ton of excellent articles, ideas, and helpful information. Eric is so generous with what he knows, and he is a wonderful writer.

Friends Whom I Love to Tell Everyone About Because They Are Talented and Fabulous and Fun

Red-Hot Copy
Need a Red-Hot Copywriter? Want to learn about how to make your copy do it’s job? Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is your girl!

Andy Wibbels — The Original Blogging Evangelist
Andy got me hooked on blogging. (Why, Andy, why?) He also made me fall in love with him. Not in a mushy, romantic way, but in an idol-worship kind of way. I guess I’m a sucker for a guy who can write with mesmerizing energy, humor and snarky style.

Book Yourself Solid
Think Big Revolution

Michael Port is insane. The above sites represent only a small fraction of what he offers to coaches and solo entrepreneurs. I’ve listed these because they offer tons of free information that is first-rate, but I also highly recommend any course or program Michael offers. But be prepared to commit yourself and take action!

Sharilyn Horne Business Concepts
How do you like my site? Well, Shari designed it. She knows how to create anything I want for my site and she does it with creative brilliance. Check out her site, her blog and her portfolio.