What People Are Saying about
Unconditional Confidence

“This was by far one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, bar none! It was a life changing experience. Thanks, Nancy.”

Tom Montan
Copperfield Books

“Nancy did an amazing job of teaching me how to be “comfortable in my own skin,” and how to connect with the audience. This is stuff you just can’t get by reading a book. You’ve got to experience it.”

Jeanne Eilers
Recreation Specialist

“By working with Nancy one-on-one, my fear was transformed into fun. I used to feel nervous and self-conscious anytime I had to speak in front of a group, but after working with Nancy and her Unconditional Confidence training program, I really have a good time anytime I get to speak or give a presentation. Nancy taught me how to find my own authentic way of speaking with people, a way that allowed me to be genuine and at ease while making a powerful connection with the people in my audience. As a result, all my communications, not just my public speaking, are more effective and satisfying now.

But best yet, my work with Nancy allowed me to become more confident in every area of my life, not just in public speaking. The tools, processes and support she provided fueled my own insight into what was holding me back and how to set myself free. Without a doubt, the Unconditional Confidence program has been one of the most empowering experiences in both my personal and professional life.”

Craig Ahlswede
Staff Resources Inc.

“Working with Nancy and her Unconditional Confidence 6-week training allowed me to experiment, express and enjoy with new abandon. I was able to work at the edge of my fear while feeling completely seen, celebrated and held. The grip of negative beliefs unraveled and lost their power. Energy, desire and inspiration flowed. My own teaching practice has deepened, and my students are benefiting from this work as well.”

Fran Carbanaro
Singer, Voice Teacher, Performance Coach

“I am Nancy Tierney’s biggest fan. After working with her for just two months, I gave the best presentation of my career at an industry conference. As a result, I was invited to speak at two more conferences, I attracted two new clients and eleven potential clients and I got a big head from all the compliments I received from my colleagues. I felt like a famous movie star!

Nancy’s coaching gave me permission to take risks, think outside the box and have fun. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Tom Boyd
Boyd & Nicholas

“I feel a renewed energy and I’m really going for it! This is, without a doubt, due to what I learned in the Unconditional Confidence training. I used to feel this weight as our presentation date approached, but now I’m really looking forward to it…which is an amazing change for me. Nancy, you are awesome!”

Angela Rush
The Healthy Community

“Nancy Tierney is a FABULOUS teacher when it comes to public speaking and performing. She is by far our most popular presenter at the Volunteer Center where she has been presenting an Unconditional Confidence workshop to members of the nonprofit community for several years. Class participants write glowing evaluations about her sessions and how her trainings have changed their lives. Thank you, Nancy, for your wonderful energy, style, and confidence!”

Jean Bertelsen
Director of Non-Profit Resources
Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

“Unconditional Confidence turns public speaking on its head! This is a very unique approach. After taking the six-week class, I am so much more comfortable with just being myself and being free to not tie myself to a prepared speech. I realized that I can tell a good story and I can capture an audience by just being who I truly am.”

Su Lin Mangan

“Because of Nancy’s exciting approach to confidence, I was able to let go of my old ‘not good enough’ story. This change allowed me to manifest more sales of my CD that resulted in radio airplay on a 24-hour jazz station. Even though I am a coach who is being coached by another powerful coach, my work with Nancy contributed a big piece to my emotional and psychological healing.

Her own fearless communication, her willingness to be vulnerable, honest and open, her humor, her heart and her brilliance all stand out for me.”

Sherle Stevens
Jazz Singer, Photographer, Coach

“This workshop helped me to move through my fears and barriers so I could actually, for the first time, get up and speak in front of a group. And because of what I learned here, it was actually fun!”

Linda Stettler
Life Challenge Solutions

“In just a few short sessions with Nancy, I moved from slumping around, digging myself ever deeper into my “I don’t know what I want to do and I don’t interview well” hole into finding my place at the table in the perfect job with kindred spirits. Nancy helped me claim my power, my passion, my Pele within. I learned how to trust my voice and connect with myself and others even while feeling anxious. Nancy also taught me some simple techniques to not only voice my big dreams but live them. And she was available to coach and encourage me all along the way.

“Best of all, we laughed long and loudly with each other. I am so grateful for the light and life that Nancy shares with me and the world.”

Debra Kelly