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What is Unconditional Confidence?

What is Unconditional Confidence? Unconditional Confidence® is a training program that gives you the tools, experience and support you need to speak or perform in public with complete confidence, ease and your own kind of creative charisma. Because everyone has different needs and goals relative to becoming confident, creative and free in one’s self-expresson, all […]

About Nancy

Who’s In Charge Here? My name is Nancy Tierney. I’m a professional singer and a confidence coach who teaches people how to have complete confidence, creative freedom and tons of fun any time they are speaking or performing in public. Why am I qualified to help you become unconditionally confident? Because the proof is in […]


You can be completely confident and have the time of your life any time you are speaking, performing or expressing yourself in any way. Do you feel nervous or scared when you speak or perform in public? Does your nervousness trip you up when you’re trying to be at your best? Is your fear holding […]

Shy About Speaking Up in Public?

Who doesn’t want a magic pill or potion to remove all obstacles, fears and doubt? Sound good? Well, read the news. There’s a new anti-shyness nasal spray! Yep, that’s right. You can now snort confidence and assertiveness right up your nose. It appears that scientists in London have been busy creating a nasal spray that […]

Beverly Sills: The Queen of Confidence

Even if you’re not an opera fan, you’ve probably heard of Beverly Sills, one of America’s greatest opera stars and a true diva of the opera world. She died on Monday of lung cancer, even though she never smoked. As a singer, I have always admired Beverly Sills for her amazing career, her decision to […]

A Confidence Forumla: Is There Such a Thing?

Is there a formula for confidence? Does it consist of certain components that when piled together create confidence? I think this depends on how you define confidence. And since my definition is different from most others I would say, no. Confidence is not a collection of components. It isn’t created. It just is. Then, as […]