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My friend Judy Baker of Completely Creative just turned me on to this blog entry from Dave Shea of css Zen Garden. I don’t know what css Zen Garden is all about, but I do know that  Dave has some very good, down to earth tips for giving presentations.

Of the eleven tips he has written in this entry, I especially love this one:

Tip #6     Be prepared to allow for spontaneity.
You can’t really plan for the asides and diversions that you might make while on stage, but allow them to happen when they do. Often you’ll explore a related idea that ties in with your main points nicely, and it’ll work its way into future presentations.

There are some other good ones, like:

Tip #3     Pause.
Get used to taking small pauses here and there, to take a sip of water, to collect your thoughts, to slow yourself down, or whatever else. It’s okay to have a few seconds of silence.

Check it out and let me know what you think.
And it’s true. Powerpoint is evil.

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