Speaking of Writing…

I just confessed to all of you that I’m writing a book. In 45 Days.

It’s got me thinking about my willingess to be fearless and authentic in my written self-expression as well as my wild, in-the-moment spoken communication. To tell you the truth, when I get to sit and write and think and review and edit, I’m a little bit more cautious. A little bit less brash.

By no coincidence, since I don’t believe in coincidence, I’ve been turned on to Lisa Wilder’s blog where she has been talking about why she’s not writing.

Like Lisa, I have found it very tough to express myself in writing or any other way when I’m trying to say something that isn’t completely true for me. Or, rather, if I’m writing about one thing but my heart and mind has been taken hostage by something else that is going on in my life.

I feel this responsibility to be the expert, to know what I’m talking about, to understand where all of you are coming from, to be able to offer you support, tools and information that is truly helpful and liberating. I mean, why else would you tune in?

At the same time, I just want to shout at you,
"Stop being so
&%$# scared!
Stop caring what everyone else thinks!
Have your voice!
Make mistakes!
Be bold and wild and outrageous!
Or be shy and timid and quiet, but
speak up any way!
Sing your song, loudly!
Speak your mind!
Express who you truly are!
Stop being so d*&% scared!"

Whew! Thanks. I needed that.

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  1. Sarah Malik
    Sarah Malik says:

    Hi Nancy – I’m so glad you are writing a book! (and giving us sneak peeks into it) Your energetic, unbridled, raw voice will be a refreshing addition to bookshelves around the world!

    The world needs your book!…I need your book!


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