Writing a Book

I’ve become a cliche´.

I, like so many others, am writing a book. I’ve started to organize it here on this blog so you may see a few very bizarre entries with nothing in them. That’s because my book mentor, Andy Wibbels, told me to create the space and structure for this book, and it will beg to be filled.

I think he’s right.

Andy is leading a "Write Your Book in 45 Days" work group which I have joined. In fact, if any of you want a ton of support and a big push to finally write that book you have floating around in your head or scribbled out on cocktail napkins, it’s not to late to join the rest of us crazies.

Either way, stay tuned for new entries which will feature content from my new soon-to-be-released book, "Gimme Confidence, Quick! A Crash Course for Coaches Who Want to Speak In Public But Are Scared Out of Their Minds."

Okay, the title needs work. I’d love your feedback on the content of this material as is it, well, materializes. Let me know what’s great and what stinks. I want this to be the best book you’ve ever read!

Well, at least, a very useful book that really gives you a crash course in confidence.
Not that I believe there is such a thing, but I explain that in the Introduction.

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