Hey, Mr. Spielberg!Have I Got a Script for You!

I’d rather be shot at dawn than play a game of Pictionary. Sure, it’s supposed to be a fun game, lighthearted and full of endless, squealing delight, but here’s the deal. I don’t draw. Not publicly, not privately. Not ever.


Because long ago and far away I decided that I was no good at drawing or painting or anything that resembled visual art. I’m not sure when or why I made this decision, but I did. And as a result, I don’t draw. Or, rather, I won’t draw.

Yet to this day, I envy people who can draw or paint. My friend, Jim, for example, and Tony Bennett, both who paint amazingly well and love doing so. And I’ve always thought it would be a blast to be a cartoonist. But there is no way that I will allow myself to even experiment, because my internal script says “Nope. No way. Can’t do it.”

We all have these internal scripts we’ve written for ourselves, scripts that define the character we call “I” or “me.” And from what I can tell, these scripts are based on certain decisions we’ve made about ourselves as we’ve bopped along on this journey of life. The longer we travel, the longer we recite our internal scripts without ever stopping to question if we like our lines or if this character is who we really are.

So, let me ask you now, what script have you written for yourself in regards to speaking or performing in public? Does your internal script say, “Oooo, I love to speak in front of groups! It’s a total blast! And I’m really good at it.” or does it say, “Public speaking sucks. I hate it. And besides, I’m no good at it.” Whatever your script is, it’s based on a decision you’ve made about yourself at some point along the way. Like my decision that I’m no good at drawing and therefore I can’t (won’t) do it.
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I’m in the Top Ten!Unconditional Confidence Comes in 4th as One of the Most Influential Blogs on Public Speaking

Oh, My! I can’t believe it! This is utterly fabulous.


I was named one of the Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking by THE Public Speaking Blog published by Eric Feng! What a surprise and a huge honor. I came in 4th on a very impressive list of expert bloggers who contribute mightily to the field of public speaking.

Check out this list!

#1 – Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen

#2 – LifeHacker

#3 – John Kinde – Humor Power

#4 – ME! Nancy Tierney – Unconditional Confidence

#5 – Tom Antion – Great Public Speaking

#6 – Paul Evans – Public Speaking Success

#7 – Steve Pavlina – Steve Pavlina Blog

#8 – Darren Fleming – Executive Speaking Blog

#9 – Gary Gwee – Connexion! Communication Resources

#10 – Bronwyn Ritchie – Pivotal Public Speaking

The ironic thing is that the Public Speaking Blog, which awarded this honor, should be at the very top of ANY list about public speaking. At least, it would be at the top of my list. I don’t know anyone who writes as passionately, generously, and authoritatively than Eric at the Public Speaking Blog. Sure, I’ve disagreed with him on certain points from time to time, but that’s what I love and admire about him and his blog: he gives and gives and gives great information AND he’s open to other opinions and points of view.

Oh, and he’s pretty darned funny, too.

Maybe that’s why I feel especially honored to be included on his list. I have such respect and admiration for Eric and his Public Speaking Blog that this Top Ten honor is all the more gratifying and significant to me.

By the way, Eric is about to release his new book, The FAQ Book on Public Speaking. You can download the first chapter for FREE here. I’ve read it, and I can’t wait for the rest of this book!

Okay, I’m off to open a bottle of champagne and congratulate myself.