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What is Mark Joyner Up To NOW??

Mark Joyner claims to be a blogging moron. Yet, he’s getting a lot of folks to blog about him because of his offer to let any blogger try his new, illusive, kickass courseware that may have something to do with blogging. Who knows? But I have to find out. So, I took the bait and […]

Maybe You Should Be Afraid

My friend Michelle, who is a fabulous NLP practitioner, always says that the fear of public speaking is irrational because audiences may hate what you have to say but they don’t come chasing after you with torches and pitchforks. Oh, yeah? Well, if a karaoke singer can be attacked, why not a speaker? It happened […]

Moving my blog

I recently moved my blog out of MoveableType to WordPress. Gotta say, I’m loving it. But I need to switch all my Technorati stuff. Hence, this post. It’s just a post to tell Technorati that I’m here in my new home. Technorati Profile