Intermission: Now a Word from EricOr How to Create Great Content for Your Speech

Before I continue with the Your Big Mouth series, I want to take a quick intermission to turn you on to some expert advise on creating great content for your speech.

My blogging buddy, Eric Feng, is a master public speaker who is currently blogging a great series of posts, called “7 Eric-trifying Ways to Charm The Pants Off of Your Audience,” that complement what we are talking about in the Your Big Mouth series. Especially Part II of his series where Eric talks about Solid Content & High Speech Value.

If there is no substance then there is really no point wasting your audience’s time delivering the speech. And for those of who are always seeking to impact your audience, this would be a good starting point.

Here are three questions to consider as you prepare your speech or presentation:

1. Does my speech contain substance?
2. Can the audience use it right away, like today?
3. Do they get better after hearing my speech?

Okay, hopefully some of that sounds familiar. But Eric continues with a cool way to set up an expectation of value by how you start your speech.

Also, Eric has some very fun ideas for jazzing up your speech in Part 3 of his Eric-trifying series. Though I can’t believe he suggests peeing with your mic turned on so the audience can hear you. That’s one way to get their attention!

While you’re checking out Eric’s blog, be sure to sign up for a free chapter of his soon-to-be-released book, “The FAQ Book on Public Speaking.”

And now on to Part III of “Your Big Mouth: Why Public Speaking is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool.”

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