Are You Confident Enough to Wear a Thong?

My friend Peggy is "the coach with a thong approach." What does that mean?

Well, check it out. Peggy wants to help 40-something mom entrepreneurs break free of the "panty lines of life," step out of their comfort zone and live life to the fullest. She uses wearing a thong (you know, those sexy, bare-bum undies) as an analogy for living full-out, for moving beyond your timid, "oh, I can’t do that" safety zone into outrageous, sexy, full-throttle living.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because Peggy recently sent out her new e-zine and the topic of her main article was a beautiful complement to a recent blog post I wrote about not know what to do. I received so many supportive, wonderful emails in response to that post that I thought you might appreciate a quote from part of Peggy’s article. If you want more, go to her site From Brief to Thong and sign up!

This is an excerpt from the middle of Peggy’s article:

…As a coach, a big part of the support  I offer my clients is helping them become clear on their goal, and then  developing a plan of action to reach it.

Personally, I have many goals and  dreams, some written, some in my heart. I believe goals are what gives us  hope and motivates us into action.

The thing I see with many, however,  is that they are so focused on reaching that goal, they miss out on the  ride along the way. As a society there is so much emphasis on the DOING, we  forget about the BEING. We think that when we accomplish a set goal, then  we will be happier, more satisfied and oh so successful. Our belief is that  when we get there then we can BE.

What many of us haven’t figured out  yet is that life is all about living while in the process of reaching  goals. Life is about living in the gap-from where you are now and where you want to go. We never only have one goal and then when we reach it think,  "Wow, I’ve made it, now I can start living and be satisfied being here for the rest of my life."…

The article continues with some suggestions for how to have a blast now, rather then put your life on hold until all your goals are met.

You’ll be hearing more about Peggy and her Brief to Thong approach. I’m hoping she’ll be a guest on my "Conversations in Confidence" teleconference series!

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