On Becoming Fearless:11 Things To Do If You’re Nervous

Do you know who Beth Lapides is?

Well, I can’t say I did until today when I was directed to The Huffington Post blog where Beth has an 11 point post that is pretty darned good!

I especially enjoy her irreverant style of writing and making a scary point. For instance:

So, your fear shows, and you know it, so more fear because now not only will you suck but everyone will know you’re a scaredy pants, which leads to more fear, more sucking and the vicious cycle that escalates into your nightmare life of homeless drug addicted despair! It doesn’t have to be this way! I can help! You may never become a public speaker on the level of Martin Luther King, or even Larry King or quite frankly even Billie Jean King but you’ll be able to focus, deliver and enjoy it more and suck less.


And she goes on to give you 11 Things you can actually do, my favorite of which is:

6. Steady yourself by touching yourself (not like that!). Hands in pocket, or on hips etc. This reminds you that you are still in your body – not floating outside it!

Check it out.

By the way, Beth is a writer, comedian, teacher, actress, artist and commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered. Turns out she’s also hosted a bunch of radio shows, AND she’s the creator and host of the legendary Un-Cabaret "which has been producing original, progressive comedy since 1990."

I love that title, Un-Cabaret. Perhaps I could start calling myself an un-cabaret singer.

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