Shy About Speaking Up in Public?

Who doesn’t want a magic pill or potion to remove all obstacles, fears and doubt?

Sound good?

Well, read the news. There’s a new anti-shyness nasal spray! Yep, that’s right. You can now snort confidence and assertiveness right up your nose.

It appears that scientists in London have been busy creating a nasal spray that will rid you of your shyness.

The drug releases the hormone oxytocin into the brain, increasing self-confidence and lowering anxiousness. It’s undergoing clinical tests right now, but scientists hope to have it out to the masses in just a few years.

Just a few years. Until then, you can decide to hide out, stay quiet and watch a lot of T. V.

Seems to me that anything you can snort up your nose will have a temporary, if any, effect on one’s self-confidence, but I could see how it might lower feelings of anxiety. Other drugs ease anxiety so why not nasal spray?

But wouldn’t you rather have the real thing? Wouldn’t you rather know that you can always be confident in any situation, even without your nasal spray? Just wondering.

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