The Secret Continued

More stuff about The Secret.

It’s funny how something so positive can become so controversial!

Yesterday, when I wrote about my buddy Andy and his skeptical attitude towards the teachings in The Secret, I didn’t really tell you my impression of The Secret and the incredible marketing campaign that effectively made it the hit and hot topic of the day.

Then, today, I read Michael Port’s great blog post about The Secret, and I thought I’d weigh in on the subject.

When I first saw The Secret, I thought, "Well, it’s a little cheesy. And it really focuses on how to get stuff. And it has that ridiculous, pseudo-mid-evil thing going on that makes NO sense at all, except to give the false impression that this really IS a secret stored away in an underground cave somewhere. But, it’s a start. It’s a good start."

And what I meant by that was, hey, it can get people interested in using the Law of Attraction as a way to improve their life and well-being. What could be wrong with that?

My friend Julee hated it. She just thought it was over-the-top and stupid with all those Raiders of the Lost Arc kind of scenes that had nothing to do with anything. Julee, like me, is a big lover and devotee, so to speak, of the Law of Attraction. But both of us have moved past that fall-in-love stage with LOA (Law of Attraction) and have found it is so much more than "Think about it and it will come."

I think this is what my friend Andy is objecting to, the cheese-factor AND the fact that they seduce you with this premise that you don’t have to do anything but think, focus and have. Whatever you want! Just create a vision board and presto! You’re there!

But anyone who’s been on this LOA path for a while will tell you, sure, that’s true. But then comes the hard part, which is dealing with every aspect of yourself that doesn’t allow you to have. All the attitudes, opinions, beliefs and ways of thought that contradict the idea that All Is Well and you just have to line up with it.

It challenges your ability to trust in goodness. Or God or Source or Whatever. It challenges every belief you’ve had about yourself relative to God, Source or Whatever. AND it does challenge what you have come to believe about taking action.

Any one of those teachers in The Secret, if they were being honest, would tell you, it’s not that easy. In fact, it could be the hardest work you’ll ever do. It’s nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty personal work that requires unflinching honesty with yourself, willingness to look at what holds you back (and that "what" is always YOU) and the courage to change. Throw in a ton of self-forgiveness and the audacity to realize you are part of God, then, presto! You’ve got it. Easy? I don’t think so.

But it truly is the most rewarding, fun, fabulous, liberating work I’ve ever done. Yes, it has changed  my life. It’s changed me. And I love who I’ve become because of it.


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  1. Scott Sorley
    Scott Sorley says:

    Nice to hear a balanced view of the Secret – everybody always rushes to each end of the scale.

    Their is truth in both sides but I wish people would be a bit more open minded to consider it.

  2. Self Improvement Advice
    Self Improvement Advice says:

    I don’t think the universe can give you what you need and become what you aspires to be without doing anything. Therefore law of attraction can be omitted in the scenario. But after watching “The Secret” I did learn something that is to be being positive at all times.



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