The Summary & Appendix toThe Diva’s 7 Secrets!

This concludes the Special Report, "The Diva’s 7 Secrets to Speaking or Performing With Confidence, Ease and Charisma." A quick Summary, and a new definition.

In Summary

So, there you go! The Diva’s 7 Secrets to Speaking or Performing in Public With Confidence, Ease and Your Own Kind of Creative Charisma.

How do they feel to you? Do you feel you’re ready to start integrating these Secrets into your expressive life? Can you feel how they could transform your communication and public self-expression?

If you’re ready to go for it, I suggest you start by focusing on one or two of the Secrets that really resonate with you now. Let yourself play with them in your daily life. All of these Secrets apply to all aspects of your life, not just when you’re speaking or performing for an audience. Then, play with a few more of the Secrets. You’ll discover the ones that are perfect for you.
These Secrets are explored and integrated in the advanced Unconditional Confidence® trainings, so if you want some coaching around these Secrets, please feel free to contact me through this blog or website. I offer several teleclasses, teleclinics and individual coaching programs that will allow you to fully integrate and expand upon these Diva Secrets.

Now, I promised to share with you my new definition of the word, Diva. 

A Diva is anyone who is connected to their own divine, creative source and true spirit AND is able to freely express themselves from that state of connection, in their life, work or art.

That’s my new definition. How do you like it? I know, it’s a bit nebulous. It’s a work in progress. As you will read in the Appendix below, I tried to use the best of the original definition yet make “Divahood” available to everyone. Because everyone has the ability to connect with one’s divine, creative self, one’s true self, and express oneself from that place of connection. Don’t you think?

So, go forth and have some fun expressing who you really are. Be yourself. Focus on the Fabulous. Go for that connection! Play with those “mistakes.” And remember, what other people may think of you is none of your business!


What is a Diva?

According to Wikipedia, a Diva is a female opera singer or any popular female performer. But, Wikipedia continues, “the term was originally used to describe a woman of rare, outstanding talent. The term derives from an ancient Italian word meaning "goddess", which, in turn derives from the feminine form of a Latin word divus, meaning "divine one."

The reason I hated being called a Diva was that, for me, the word had come to mean “a narcissistic, self-absorbed, conceited whiner with more attitude than talent.” But I also knew that the original term was given to true divas, singers who’s ability to be so connected to the divine, to something larger than themselves, that they sang with the ease, power, perfection and beauty of the gods.

I also struggled with how the term had been so misused in today’s world. It seemed the title was given to describe anyone who is temporarily in the spotlight, like a 17-year old pop singer with one hit song. But the term was also used willy-nilly by women in business. I have a friend who calls herself the Business Diva. And then there’s the Marketing Diva, the Travel Diva, the Office Supply Diva. There’s even a surfing store in San Diego called “Surf Diva.”

This title was once given to a handful of highly exceptional artists. Now, it’s everywhere.

While I was uncomfortable with how the term had become diluted, I realized there was a positive aspect to this trend. People were searching for a term that would allow them to express their personal yet divine power in their chosen field. Why not be a Business Diva, if you truly are expressing your connection to the divine, the Creative, through that work?

The word “Diva” was begging to be redefined. So, I stepped in to give it a try. I needed to do it for myself.

First, I went back to it’s roots, the Italian and Latin definitions. Then, I created a definition that allowed the essence of the term to be accessible to anyone who expressed that divine connection in their work, their life, or their art.

So, here’s what I have so far:

A Diva is anyone who is connected to their own divine, creative source and true spirit AND is able to freely express themselves from that state of connection, in their life, work or art.

There it is. My new definition. Should I submit it to Wikipedia?

In an effort not to use the “god” word, it may sound a tad ambiguous, but that’s okay. I trust you have your own sense of what divinity or creative source means to you.

But this is a work in progress, so I’m open to suggestions. If you think you have a better definition, please share it with me!

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  1. Meg
    Meg says:

    I completely love your definition. It completely coinsides with my new learned inner-beauty, creativity, and true giving and loving nature I have realized within myself. If any woman wants to help herself realize and remember her true self, her inner “Diva”, if you will- I suggest reading “Remembering Wholeness” by Carol Tuttle. It is a huge contrubuter to my remembering who I truly am and my creative and loving powers- my goddess-self. And my privilege to be a co-creater of my life with God. Your definition rocks! You truly hit the nail on the head.


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