Complaints on Not Complaining The Challenge Continues!

Okay, I’ve already gotten complaints about this Complaint Free Counter Challenge!
Isn’t that funny! Complaints about not complaining! I love it!

The point that some people are making is this: to not complain is a form of denial. For instance, if we don’t protest, if we choose to turn away from that which we feel is “wrong,” then we are living in denial. We’re being deluded, apathetic Pollyannas.

I don’t see it that way. Not complaining doesn’t mean not noticing. Nor does it mean you don’t take action to make changes you feel are necessary and good. I’m not talking about becoming brain dead. In fact, I’m advising that you use your brain to create, influence and enhance your life and your world. How?

By choosing.

The truth is that you can’t help but notice what you don’t like. Your mind is built to discern, think, judge and evaluate. It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. That’s what minds do.

Where our power comes in is in our choice. We can choose to push against what we are noticing by complaining or protesting or silently grumbling under our breath. Or we can choose to focus on what we would prefer. And perhaps even take action in that direction.

Complaining doesn’t do anything except to give more energy and power and attention to that which you don’t like. So, you’re actually feeding the problem. You’re not just noticing it. You’re adding to it.

But if you choose instead to give your attention and voice to that which you do want, that which you prefer, like a solution, that’s empowering what you do want. And that’s not complaining. That’s creating.

If there’s something that’s a problem for you or the world, give your attention to the solution, to that which feels good, rather than give endless complaining energy to that which you hate.

I don’t believe not complaining is a form of denial. Nor do I believe that appreciating is a delusional and pollyanna-ish. It just makes good sense.

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