I Want To Be Free!My Journey with Dr. Claude

I’m starting a new adventure and I’m bring you with me!

There is a man named Dr. Claude Windenberger who has this fascinating process by which he can free anyone from any unwanted condition. Well, that is, if they are willing to be free of that condition.

Wanna know more? Well, I sure did when he called me how many weeks ago.

Dr. Claude called me up one day out of the blue because he had heard about me and Unconditional Confidence through Alex Mandossian’s TeleSeminar Secrets. It’s a long story. Anyway, Dr. Claude was intrigued because our business names are so similar. He calls his work Unconditional Freedom.

When he told me about what he does I laughed and told him, "If you can do what you say you can do, then my work has just become obsolete!"

Now, I may not get the semantics just right, but basically, Dr. Claude told me that by taking people through a very simple process which bascially consists of a series of questions, he can help people be free of any unwanted condition. ANY unwanted condition.

How could I not be fascinated? I HAD to try it. Just think what this could do for people who are afraid of speaking in public? Or afraid of anything for that matter. Could Dr. Claude free people from fear? Now, THAT would be fanstastic!

So, I booked a session with Dr. Claude which we did over the phone. There was some prep work I needed to do which was basically answering a bunch of questions about my unwanted condition, how long I had had it, what it had cost me, what had I tried in the past to get rid of it… that kind of thing.

Then, Dr. Claude had me write a series of testimonials proclaiming my results. This is BEFORE we did the session! I wrote one for what I experienced right after the session, 24-hours after the session, one week after the session and one month after the session.

I loved this because I so believe that we can script our reality. By writing about something as if you already have it or have achieved it is the best way to open to receiving it.

The session itself lasted over two hours. My unwanted condition was this pesky post nasal drip I had been experiencing for the past 2 years or more, ever since I had my appendix taken out. Now, post nasal drip is annoying and no big deal for most people, but as a singer, it’s a real drag. All that ughy mucus coating your vocal cords does not allow one to sing with ease and freedom.

So, I was extremely eager to find out if Dr. Claude’s process could do the trick!

Wanna know what happened? Of course you do! I’ll write more tomorrow!

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