I Want To Be Free!My Journey with Dr. ClaudePart Two

Well, what happened? With Dr. Claude?

I promised to write more and I’ve been sorely absent from this blog. But I am making good on my promise now.

I did have my session with Dr. Claude. In fact, I’ve had two sessions. Am I free of my unwanted condition? No. Did I learn about how to be free from certain unwanted conditions?

Kind of.

So why write about it? Because I feel Dr. Claude’s process could be very helpful for certain people who feel stuck in certain emotional states or habitual patterns of distress, like fear, anxiety, and so forth. His process is very logical. It works with how you think about the CAUSE of your unwanted condition. And it works in giving you the choice to either keep your unwanted condition or not. It’s all up to you.

For instance, if you have a fear of public speaking, you may have a million variations on that fear,  like, the fear of messing up, the fear of public humiliation, etc. But the unwanted condition is "I am afraid."

Dr. Claude then works with what anchors that condition in your experience by making clear the cause and effect relationship you are hanging on to. For instance, "I am afraid (the effect) because people will think I’m stupid (the cause of the fear). Or, "I am afraid because I’m not prepared."

That word "because" represents the way we tie the unwanted condition to something we see as the cause of that condition.

Am I getting too abstract?

Once you see how you are attaching the unwanted condition to something you think is the cause, Dr. Claude basically tries to despense with the notion of cause and effect. He says things like, "Just because the lights are on and you are talking to me doesn’t mean that because you are talking to me the lights are on. The lights are on many times when you are not talking to me, so they can’t be related. One cannot be causing the other." Those words are my rough interpretation of what he said.

So, just because you are afraid doesn’t mean that your fear is being created by the fact you are about to go out and speak in public, because there are many times when you are afraid when you aren’t about to go speak in public. Therefore, you can’t say that public speaking is causing the fear, even though it’s happening at the same time.

I know. This reasoning asks you to really change the way you think about cause and effect. Dr. Claude insists upon this way of thinking about cause and effect  because he believes that our belief in cause and effect  keeps us stuck in unwanted conditions.

If public speaking isn’t causing your fear, then you can let the fear go, right? There’s nothing holding it to your experience except your choice.

And this is where all the power is in this process. In your own choice.

But before you can choose, you have to know that you actually have a choice, and this is why it’s important to first dismiss the cause and effect relationship.

I’m still working with Dr. Claude to better clarify this process. Personally, I found parts of it fascinating and mind-blowing. But the trick is, can you totally let go of the concept of cause and effect?

I’ll be asking Dr. Claude a series of questions in the next few weeks, so if you have any questions about this, let me know and I’ll pass them on.

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